Hello world, although this is not officially my very first day of my journey towards weight loss this IS after all my very first day blogging. My starting weight? 174.5. My weight as of last week? 171 on the nose and my weight as of today 173.5. Am I losing this weight loss battle, HARDLY!! I’m actually losing rather well to be honest. Even though the “scale” is saying I gained, that is all muscle. Cause guess what my clothes tell a different story. I’ve been trying to lose weight for bout 6-7 yrs. Ever since the birth of my youngest. Who obviously is 6 going on 7 in september. I’ll be 30 in July and I feel like now is a very crucial time for me to get myself together physically. No more fatty McFATFAT and no more being winded. My family on both sides suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and anything else associated with being overweight. I’m not trying to go down that road. So this round I’m going all the way. I’m so tired of yo-yoing. As I’m sure most are. But you know what I’m trying to keep myself motivated. I’m putting it all out there so that I can keep myself accountable. I want to be at LEAST halfway there by November. Actually I want to be all the way there by that time. November is significant because I’ll be in a wedding and I’m refuse to walk down that aisle looking a hot mess. I think you catch my drift. LOL sImageo anyway hereImage is what I’m looking like now.

Yes it’s safe to say that I look a hot mess. But it’s all good though cause all that is about to CHANGE guaranteed. Best believe!!!! I hope you follow my journey