It touched my heart just to see

How much you say “You don’t understand, he really cares about me”

When he fills you up with words that you long for

You say “he’s like a father I never had”

Yet he pimps you like a whore

You want to be normal, that’s what you think as you close your eyes

That’s what you think when he kisses you on your neck

And slowly eases his way in between your thighs

Nowhere else to go,

At least that’s what he got you to believe

Since day one it’s been a magic show with him

But I promise you he got more tricks up his sleeve

You just wanna be loved my darling

But I’m afraid you haven’t learned what true love is

He wants you to do anything for him

Even lay down with his “friends”

Then psyche your mind and tell you

“if you do it for free, then why can’t you do it for money”

You close you eyes and then you cry as you allow him to sale your honey

Innocence sold, top dolla on the track

He got your mind so washed

All you can do is get money, as your dreams are sold you think

“I can never get my life back”

He sits in his nice car and eats his finest cuisine

While you’re fed that funny candy with a side of broken dreams

I wanna just save you and bring you into these arms

But I’m afraid he will only con you again with his slick words and master charm

Back into his trap only for him to easily beat you and

To just throw you by the way side

Yet you still want to go back after he practically left you their to die

It’s hard to break free

It’s hard to let go of “the life”

It’s hard to let go of a man you call “daddy” despite the fact

That he puts you out on that street at night

America, America “the land of the free”

Free to whom I ask

Is it free to the young girl who is forced to make a living on her knee’s?

Is it free to the mother who searches every night for her 12 yr old princess?

No help from “Big Brother” just sits behind his woodened desk

“I’m sorry ma’am there’s nothing we can do” as tears turn to blood

It’s not just her heart that’s aching; it’s all of her insides,

 and her tears turn to a flood

Where does it end?

When can these girls get their life back?

When can they stop being treated like criminals and be treated like victims

It’s self esteem that they lack!

Their beaten and drugged up and told never to stray away

Yet when they get caught up, they are sentenced to jail for 30 or more days

Young little women who believe this is the way it should be for them

Not realizing they are worth more than a $20 trick

They are TRUE GEMS!!!