I am not you

Not even a reflection of what you amount to

I’ve only become what I’ve went through

What I’ve lived through

Dealing with you

I am not you

Not even a hint of who you are

I’ve surpassed who you’ve become thus far

Shining ever so bright, not as dark as your heart that’s coated with tar

Natural affection?

To me you are unreal

Just returning the favor from not hearing from you in years

Not feeling from you in years!!

Reviving my own life

I can’t let this break me down

I can’t let your actions mold me

Just cause you ain’t been around

NO I am not you!

I am nothing like your cold heartedness

Not even a second glance?

Hmm! Then I’m not giving a second chance

No I am not you!

Even though my eyes and nose and lips are you physical reflection!

I refuse to believe you were a part of my conception

No I am not you I am my own reflection