Give you the best of me

Stand by your side when ain’t nobody else trying to be

Trying to be you rock, your strong hold

Trying not to let the madness from this world turn you into it’s mold

Yet you treat me O so cold

As if I ignore the needs that your mind needs for

As if I ignore the things that your body feigns for

Treating me as though I’m one of these nigga’s on the street

Treating me as though I have been the one that’s been trying to keep

you off your feet

Typical situation though cause they say we hurt the ones we love the most

when this world has put us through it

So maybe I need to back up cause obviously right now I just don’t seem to fit

Despite the face that I place all my hope and trust in the things you try to achieve

People sometimes wonder “Why don’t you just leave?”

Leave for what though? Only to run back into your arms

Run back to the man that consistently causes my heart and soul harm

This is a blinded love that we both share

Or a one-sided love that keeps me in denial because my mind can not bear

It can’t bare the reality of this possible one-sided relationship

It can’t bare the trueality of your heartfelt resentment.