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So I feel like I should just come out and say it. I’m addicted to shopping!! And recently I’ve been addicted to shopping sales. I mean brand new shoes from shoedazzle for $6? Who passes that up right?

On the same note though, when it’s you last $6 Im starting to think it may not be the best habit to have. Especially if I could have use that to put in my tank and by some meds for this aweful sinus headache right now.

My reason for such an addiction? It’s a great way for me to release my anxieties. And since I have been working at my current job, which requires me to sit at desk every day all day and at a computer I might add I’ve been online shopping. I mean praticaly everything I by is from the internet. Im like the queen of internet shopping. As a matter of fact i actually got some shoes today from shoedazle. BUT in my defense I paid NOTHING they were $0! So I had to go ahead and take advantage of that.  Here is a gorgeous pic

Absolutely Gorgeous for $0 wouldn't you say?

Absolutely Gorgeous for $0 wouldn’t you say?

I think i buy a pair of shoes AT LEAST once a month.  Anyway I wanted to add my addiction to this blog so that I can write through my addiction. I think it will help me do better and balance out my spending habits. Is there a habit that you have or had?  How do you cope and what did you do to balance it out or quit all together?



Just Gotta Take My Time

Hola! Well I’m still on it. Kind of fell off over the weekend. WEl really i got a really bad cold and was unable to workout. I was definitely bummed. But no worries I’m back on and trying to stay focused. I was feeling a little down yesterday. I get a little impatient sometimes when i try to lose weight. Simply because I feel that I am working my BUTT OFF and the results are just not coming as fast as I would like. Plus I think I am sabotaging myself by stepping on the scale everyday. Not a good habit I must say. Anyway I’m not posting a picture yet. I may just wait till the end of this month.

I am scared about this month though because I have alot going on that does not involve working out. But in my mind I am determined to make it happen no matter what. Even with my trip to Atlanta next week. I’ll post pictures of how that turns out. I’m so excited about that. At the same time i am super scared that I am going to BINGE on all that good yummy food!!! But anyway, positive thoughts right. All I know is that I have to stay motivated. Look at my motivational quotes and my sure I make this fat CRY!!! LOL!!! Anyway I’m outta here. If you are reading this. Thanks! And leave a comment if you have any motivational words to help me along I appreciate it 3000%. Gotta get all I can get! Toodles!

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