So I feel like I should just come out and say it. I’m addicted to shopping!! And recently I’ve been addicted to shopping sales. I mean brand new shoes from shoedazzle for $6? Who passes that up right?

On the same note though, when it’s you last $6 Im starting to think it may not be the best habit to have. Especially if I could have use that to put in my tank and by some meds for this aweful sinus headache right now.

My reason for such an addiction? It’s a great way for me to release my anxieties. And since I have been working at my current job, which requires me to sit at desk every day all day and at a computer I might add I’ve been online shopping. I mean praticaly everything I by is from the internet. Im like the queen of internet shopping. As a matter of fact i actually got some shoes today from shoedazle. BUT in my defense I paid NOTHING they were $0! So I had to go ahead and take advantage of that.  Here is a gorgeous pic

Absolutely Gorgeous for $0 wouldn't you say?

Absolutely Gorgeous for $0 wouldn’t you say?

I think i buy a pair of shoes AT LEAST once a month.  Anyway I wanted to add my addiction to this blog so that I can write through my addiction. I think it will help me do better and balance out my spending habits. Is there a habit that you have or had?  How do you cope and what did you do to balance it out or quit all together?